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Ishigaki Salt

Agency: Idea N Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ishigakinoshio Co., Ltd.
Location: Japan

The main design consists of a pattern that has made the crystal structure of Nacl as its motif.

Expressing the aura of the sea and the beach, it resembles the pattern characteristic of the "yukata", (a casual summer kimono, usually made of cotton, frequently worn in the evening during the summer). It is a characteristically Japanese design.

For the small bag for holding salt, I used the bag with the "unryu design", (the time-honored classic design, featuring the dragon within the clouds). It is exquisitely finished for which Japanese workmanship is renowned.

Combining high-class aesthetic sense and young charm, it is an unprecedented package design.

It can be left on the dining table as it is, ready for the diners. It comes in a gift box which makes it perfect to give as a present.

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