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Μyrathon – Marathon’s Herbs

Agency: So Cool Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Myrathon
Location: Marathon, Greece
Packaging Material: Paper

The Challenge
The Marathonas herbs had a problem with their brand name. Due to the topology they could not use it.

Thus a new name was needed, one that reminds one of herbs, that inspires Greek ethnicity and that refers to the Marathonas area.

The Idea
Contemplating on these two main pillars, the herbs and Marathonas respectively, we noticed that they have a lot in common (eg. they start with ‘μ’, have a’ρ’, and each have four syllables). That inspired us to make a composition and create a word with the prefix of the word ‘herbs’ and the suffix of the word ‘Marathonas’. We came up with Myrathon as the new brand name of this firm.

The Myrathon company is engaged in the cultivation and trade of fresh and dried herbs.

We all know the medicinal qualities of herbs from ancient Greece. The new approach of the company was to create an organic series of herbs for decoction, strictly for pharmacies. The first step was to obtain certification from the ΔΗΩ- DIO-Certification & Inspection Organization of Organic Products. The second step was to create a package that can stand on pharmacy shelves. Being aware of the mind-set of the pharmacists, we chose for simple solid colours and tried to capture a natural feeling (with the sketch of each herb that we designed and placed) without losing the medicinal character of the package.

What's Unique?
Illustration of 32 different herbs. The brand name and logo (Myrathon is a combination of the greek words Myrodika (herbs) and Marathon (The region).

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