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Skøll Tuborg

Agency: Carré Noir
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Brasseries Kronenbourg
Location: Paris, France

Brasseries Kronenbourg (part of Carlsberg Group) came to Carré Noir with an innovation issue: invent a new trendy beer to conquer the 18-25 segment, at strike with an established blockbuster competitor.

The innovation challenge was twofold:
– Detect insights among young adults to invent disruptive concepts that match their life and expectations
– Dig into the Tuborg brand capital to redefine a contemporary-relevant brand story

Digging into the Scandinavian mother brand roots, the agency developed a contemporary beer from the North.

Landing with a conquerant spirit, this new brand is taking place by refreshing storm. Inspired by the myth of great north, the agency defined the name, designed the brand name and icon (the Thorkil): the valiant warriors use to celebrate victory in true Viking style by drinking from their helmets, crashing their beers together and shouting “skåål!”, their rallying cry. A deep blue colour universe representing the high seas, a rough silver metal for the helmet and typography, were chosen as visual cues of the brand: a bold choice compare to the beer market usual graphic codes.

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