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Designed by DAC design am chiemsee , Germany.
Designer: Anne Stilper & Tim Hippmann

You’re invited to a friend’s house. As a gracious guest you take bottle of wine, but you are no sommelier so you stand there at the door with that “naked” bottle wondering how this gift will be received. After all, it’s not like you have a “Mouton Rothschild” with you every time . We thought about this problem and created these wraps. Now, with your bottle under our wraps, you can slyly point at your friends ..also with cheap bottles of wine. ; )

The wraps are printed on both sides, so you can choose the way you wrap your wine. It’s an easy and nice way to present a gift and avoid standard wine cartons or bags, which are often a bit boring .

With the bottlerwraps there comes a bottle-label that has to be pulled over the bottle neck to fix the paper. You can also use any other kind of binding. At the bottom of the bottle the paper is only folded in the buckle. Depending on the form of the bottle, (there are many different shapes like Schlegel, Burgund or Bordeaux bottles) it can be helpful tu use a sticker that fixes the wrapped paper on the side or the bottom.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/packagingsoftheworld/~3/a8TI3U4KMBQ/bottlewraps.html

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